Wednesday Night Men's League

Wednesday Night Men’s League
2019 Current Standings

Rank Team Points
1 Likes / Ryan 77.00
2 Fields / McAbee 71.50
3 Payne / Patterson 70.00
4 Gaier / Morrow 69.50
5 Azzarito / Perala 67.50
T6 Fites / Finchum 67.00
T6 Rickman / Teusch 67.00
8 Sponhower / Wallace 65.00
9 Roark / Thompson 63.50
10 Vandevelde / Finderson 63.00
11 Chappell / Kelley 60.00
12 Hohler / Boswell 55.00
13 Saalfrank / Smith 46.00
  Gross Skins - $8.50 each  
  Pete Spornhauer - Hole 2  
  Aaron Sponhower - Hole 3 and 8  
  Mark Vandevelde - Hole 4  
  Roy Perala - Hole 6  
  Net Skins - $21.50 each  
  Roger Finderson - Hole 2  
  Roy Perala - Hole 6  

·         The league season will be split into 2, 8 week long periods.  There will be position nights on the 8th and 16th weeks.   After the conclusion of the regular season there will be an eight team, bracket style playoff to determine the overall league champion.  The winners of each period from each division will be guaranteed a spot in the playoff.  The final playoff teams will be the teams that have the most points without having won a period. 
·         There will still be two divisions that are based on handicap, but both divisions will play the blue tees.  Most of your regular season play will be against teams in your own division, but depending on the number of teams in the league there may be weeks when you play against a team from the other division.  The playoff that follows the regular season will consist of teams from both divisions playing against each other to determine the overall league champion.
·         Your handicap for the playoff will be your lowest handicap from any point in the season.
Rules of Play
1.       Play begins promptly at 5:30pm. Please be at your assigned tee no later than 5:20pm.
2.       USGA rules will govern all play.  Play the ball as it lies.
3.       Players will receive 100% of their handicap.  Subs will receive 80%.
4.       The format will be 2 man teams with each team having an “A” & “B” player.  The “A” players from each team will play each other in a match play format with 1 point available per hole.  The “B” players will do the same.  There will also be 1 point available to each player for beating their handicap for that night. No points for tying their handicap.
5.       Teams playing against no-shows or ghost team will be awarded 9 points automatically.  Points for beating your handicap will still be available.
6.       The optional skins game of $5 will be split with $2.50 going to gross skins and $2.50 going to net skins.
7.       Maximum score per hole is quadruple bogey.  If both players reach that score, regardless of finishing the hole or not, it will be a tie.
8.       Once a hole is conceded it cannot be overturned regardless of the scores made.  If you conceded the hole, you must write down your most likely score regardless of what you make.
9.       Both teams will be given a scorecard and all hole scores must be agreed upon, signed, and returned to the golf shop.  Any missing cards will result in forfeiture of points.
10.   All players will play the blue tees.
1.       Starting handicaps will be carried over from last year if you were in the league.
2.       New players must provide some sort of handicap.  Scorecards from rounds played, computer program, etc.
3.       Season long handicaps will be calculated using your best 3 scores of your previous 6.
4.       Players will receive 100% of their handicap.  Subs will receive 80%.
5.       The maximum number of strokes given will be 18. (2 per hole)
1.       Please submit subs as soon as possible. All subs must be submitted by noon of the date of play to ensure that scorecards are accurate.
2.       Greens fees for non-members are $23 per week.
3.       If non-members wish to play prior to the start of league or after, appropriate greens fees will be charged.  Rangers will be strictly enforcing this policy!!
League dues of $100 are due before the 3rd week of play.  If your dues are not paid by then, all previous points will be forfeited.